About the blog:

The name “artFAKTURE” came about while reading a rather complex explanation (as to be expected in the text of Foster, Krauss, Bois & Buchloh) of the changes that took place in the evaluation of artistic skill during the 20th century.

After Cubism, facture/faktura came to mean “the degree with which the painterly or sculptural object foregrounded its status and condition of having been fabricated, self-reflexively revealing the principals of its own making, and the process of its production (rather than pretending to have emerged from transcendental inspiration or supernatural talents).” In essence, while previously not the case, it’s a term to describe artwork that demonstrates a “demythifying the creative process and the artistic object itself.”

In an age when we have both mythified and demythified processes occurring simultaneously, we can still note shifts in facture as artists leans either toward or away from process revelation. While exploring this notion isn’t what holds this art blog together, it remains underneath it all.

I invite you to ponder the above, read my banter and, moreover, enjoy the visual content for which art is intended.

About me:

Stephanie deTroy Miller was born in Greenwich, Connecticut. She attended Rosemont College and Villanova University in Pennsylvania where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History, with a minor in Studio Art and a concentration in Italian Studies (2005). After studying in Sicily, she completed her thesis, Sicilian Baroque Architecture: A Dynamic Expression of Duality, and presented it at the 2005 SEPCHE Conference. Completing a dissertation on her grandfather’s artistic oeuvre, Lester Johnson: Figurative Expressionist, Miller also earned Master’s of Arts degree in Modern and Contemporary Art History, Theory and Criticism from Purchase College, State University of New York (2012).

After having worked for several art galleries and institutions in New York City, including Salander-O’Reilly Galleries, the Neuberger Museum (Purchase, NY), Hubert Gallery, she now resides on the East End of Long Island, where she began writing art reviews for Dan’s Papers and was the managing director at Tripoli Gallery, Southampton, New York. In 2013, she co-curated Pioneers from Provincetown: The Roots of Figurative Expressionism at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum.

In 2015, she accepted the position of Curatorial Assistant, Registrar, and Education Associate at Guild Hall Museum in East Hampton, New York, where she curated Charles Ly: Humans and Hides (2016) and William S. Heppenheimer (2016). She also organizes the annual Student Art Festival and the annual Artists Member Exhibition. At Guild Hall, Stephanie deTroy Miller has also initiated programs such as Guild Gatherings, a creative networking night for the local artistic community, and further developed the Education programs for Museum exhibitions. She serves on the Board of the Long Island Museum Association and on the Advisory Board of the East Hampton Arts Council.